The project DER-IREC 22@ MICROGRID seeks to implement a microgrid at the facilities of the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) in Barcelona. This microgrid is interconnected to Endesa’s distribution network and incorporates electric vehicles as main consumptions.

This paper presents the studies and results of activity A432: Recommendations for the regulatory framework of microgrid, as a part of the work package PT430.

The main objective of the activity is the formulation of a set of regulatory recommendations to enable the integration of microgrid in the distribution networks of the future.

For carrying out these recommendations, it has been used the analysis of the current regulation framework regarding this type of facility in the Spanish context, carried out in A431 activity of this project.

The main conclusions and potential barriers identified in this activity are summarized in the first chapter of this document. On the second chapter, we proceeded to the formulation of a set of recommendations on the current regulatory framework, which have been formulated following the same categorization used in the activity A431, including the following areas: interconnection of distributed energy resources; electricity production and associated economic regime; and the activity of electricity distribution. An additional category has been included regarding power network operation.

For the formulation of the recommendations included in this document, the results of the activity A421 have been taken into account. In that document we proceed to the definition of a multi-microgrid management system, setting up a technological framework for a massive deployment of microgrids. Similarly, with regard to economic aspects of microgrids, in this document it have been taken into account the market scenarios defined in the document 41.3 of work package PT410.

The third chapter contains the conclusions of the work, grouping the eight recommendations in the four domains. As it can be observed, there are proposals in all the domains defined, being of highest priority those related to the interconnection of distributed energy resources due to its effect in the short term, but without losing sight of the needs that will appear likely in the medium and long time.