The aim of the DER-IREC 22 @ Microgrid project is to implement a micro grid  at IREC facilities in Barcelona, which is connected to ENDESA’s distribution network and incorporates the electric vehicle as specific load.

This deliverable entitled "Schemes and board design” is part of the work package PT230 which is entitled "Design, manufacturing and implementation of the prototypes" that is contained within the work package PT200 coordinated
by CINERGIA and deals with the study of the communications architecture in the microgrid. 

This document presents the board schemes and design. This board has been developed to carry out the functions of i-VN i-VS. Although the project's initial phase, the i-VN is implemented in a desktop. When the project state is more advanced the implementation will be done with a embedded PC (as i-VS). Thus in the design of this prototype have been taken into account the common and specific features of both devices.

Both devices need to communicate via Ethernet IEC61850 and RS-232 to debug  issues on the board. The devices have SD and USB memory if required to do datalogging tasks or load the OS from these memories.Furthermore,the board has LCD driver for developing graphical user interfaces.

In the case of i-VS has also been necessary to include CAN communication  with the cabinets (power converters).