The aim of the DER-IREC 22 @ Microgrid project is to implement a micro grid at IREC facilities in Barcelona, which is connected to ENDESA’s distribution network and incorporates the electric vehicle as specific load.

This deliverable entitled "Report on the proposal from the converters and power measurers interface” is part of the work package PT220 which is entitled "Definition of software and hardware interfaces" that is contained within the work package PT200 coordinated by CINERGIA and deals with the study of the communications architecture in the microgrid.

This project revolves around a microgrid. This microgrid consists of control and power elements.

The control elements are physical devices that implement virtual nodes and their respective functions are described in the DOC21.2. This will require a system of communications between physical devices described in DOC 22.1. 

The aim of this paper is to propose the interaction of the control system with the power system that is constituted by static converters, emulators and real systems of generation, consumption and storage of electrical energy.