The aim of the DER-IREC 22 @ Microgrid project is to implement a micro grid at IREC facilities in Barcelona, which is connected to ENDESA’s distribution network and incorporates the electric vehicle as specific load.

This deliverable entitled "Report on the proposal from the communications interface of the microgrid” is part of the work package PT220 which is entitled "Definition of software and hardware interfaces" that is contained within the work package PT200 coordinated by CINERGIA and deals with the study of the communications architecture in the microgrid.

The aim of this work package is to determine the best alternative to communicate control devices into the microgrid. To achieve it, we study the key factors in a communications system, we analyze the needs of the microgrid and finally determines the interface to use. 

So we proceed to determine which features have the information we need to communicate in a microgrid: volume of data, sending frequency, criticity of data, information appliance, etc. and in what atmosphere must be sent this
information: electromagnetic noise of the environment (switching power devices with electric motors.) distances between devices, etc.

Below is a search of communications protocols used in this field of application and IEC61850 standard is chosen and mapped onto MMS Ethernet cable using twisted pair copper as physical layer of transportation, since it is a standard that is spreading in the field of smart grids and It has appropriate device profiles such as for DER (Distributed Energy Resources).

Finally is the issue of security in communications. We study several problematic cases and we present different solutions to implement for each of them.