The project DER-IREC 22 @ MicroGrid seeks to implement a microgrid at IREC facilities in Barcelona, interconnected to the distribution network of ENDESA and which is incorporated as the electric vehicle fuel economy.

This deliverable entitled "Conceptual design of each virtual node" part of work package under the title of PT210 that is contained within the work package coordinated by CINEGRIA PT200 and is responsible study of the communications architecture of the microgrid.

The aim of this paper is to study and define the virtual nodes that can be found in the microgrid. The functions related to the different virtual nodes are determined by the control strategy implemented, and seeks to make a modular design to cover the different possible cases. As expressed by the same name, virtual nodes not directly correspond to an actual device but is a functional block that can be allocated in different physical devices depending on different parameters of the system. Some of these parameters constraints are, the size of the microgrid, number of elements within the microgrid, the number of micro-networks, or as mentioned, the control strategy.

In DOC21.1 document lists the different functional blocks that should form the communications architecture of the micro project. These blocks are defined by a number of functions, inputs and outputs that help to describe the partial or full operation of the system in an intuitive way. 

This paper describes the physical implementation that concern these functional blocks.

Finally, is described the relationship for each of these physical elements. This description is useful to determine the information flow between the physical elements of the system.