The aim of the DER-IREC 22 @ Microgrid project is to implement a micro grid at IREC facilities in Barcelona, which is connected to ENDESA’s distribution network and incorporates the electric vehicle as specific load. 
This deliverable entitled "Report on the conceptual design of the system” is part of the work package PT210 which is entitled "Definition of the communication structure of the microgrid" that is contained within the work 
package PT200 coordinated by CINERGIA and deals with the study of the communications architecture in the microgrid.
This document seeks to lay the basis on which design the communications system of the microgrid.

First we proceed to study the microgrid as a layered model such a hierarchical model ISO / OSI communications. The study shows 4 different information levels: Level 0 is the closest to the elements of generation, consumption or storage. Level 1 is a group manager of generation, load and storage elements. Level 2 is the coordination of microgrid. Level 3
describes the global system, the electricity market, a remote control headquarter, other microgrids, etc.

Secondly we study the functions to be performed by the microgrid from the logic levels described in the previous section. From this point determines the flow of information between layers, describing the information entry and
exit of each level. 

Third and finally, we describe functional blocks that are deducted from the 2 previous points. A functional block is an element that performs one or more functions from some inputs. These functions provide several outputs.
Each functional block is within a logical level and receives its inputs from another functional block .Its outputs serve as input to other functional blocks. The interconnection of all functional blocks of the system describes the microgrid in an intuitive, compact, and encapsulated way. Therefore it can be easily implemented with any programming language.