This paper first describes the elements that make up the microgrid, we review the equipment and its operation, without going into detail as this work is carried out in more detail in other reports done in the same work package PT100.

Assets as of the microgrid explained, are the ones that have been provided by Circutor, and each has a feature clearly explained in the report. Also divided into four types of measurements that can be performed in a microgrid we provide the details of their usefulness and impact on the operation of it. We detail some aspects related to the measured magnitudes, time intervals, the accuracy or quality issues that directly affect the EQUIPMENT and their communication with other devices and the SCADA monitoring system or other elements of the own microgrid.

Also introduced new aspects of measurement and new concepts such as those related to protection systems, which require a different type of measurements that are related to the control of the microgrid. Among these aspects is the equipment used in new configurations of power grids or Smart Grids and the PMU. We introduce the concept of PMU and its importance as a type of device that will concern in regards to the future of electrical systems, and they can be of interest for Circutor company, since they develop their own measuring equipment with high level of technology.

As an aspect that is believed may be of interest to Circutor as measurement experts, we want to enter in the controversy of the concept of power measurement. In three-phase systems there is disagreement among researchers, developers and manufacturers to understand these types of measures and this report has sought to make clear these controversies with an explanation of the theoretical and practical issues.