The aim of the DER-IREC 22 @ Microgrid project is to implement a microgrid at IREC facilities in Barcelona, which is connected to ENDESA’s distribution network and includes the electric vehicle as specific load.

The present deliverable DOC11.2 entitled “Design of the microgrid” has been produced as part of PT110 work package, which studies and defines the general design of the microgrid. PT110 package is part of overall PT100 work package, coordinated by CIRCUTOR, which main objective is to study the measurement and control of the assets of the microgrid.

This document describes the three phases in which the microgrid development has been planned to realize the compliance testing of all equipment and developed controls during the project. It also describes the elements that compose the microgrid and the locations in each of the three phases in which the development of the microgrid has been divided.

In the first phase, the microgrid consists of 3 AC/DC converters, connected to the main grid in the AC side, and connected to an emulator in the DC side. Temporarily in this phase, the microgrid consisting of the three emulators had been located on the premises of CINERGIA, the supplier of this equipment. In the second phase, the three emulators are moved to the current location of IREC offices (C/ Josep Pla, Barcelona), where four new converters will be added to expand the microgrid. In this phase, the seven converters are planned to behave as emulators. The move to the second location was realized in late July 2010. Finally, in the third phase, the microgrid is moved into its final location in the new facilities of IREC (Jardins de les Dones de Negre, St. Adrià de Besòs). In this phase, it is also expected to integrate into the microgrid some new real elements like wind and photovoltaic microgeneration, battery and supercapacitors storage systems, or a recharging point for electric vehicles. It is planned that next March 2011 the complete microgrid will be available at new testing and research laboratories in the new IREC location.

In addition, the document describes the limits and conditions of the microgrid operation. It also describes the recommended requirements for connecting distributed energy resources (DER), which fundamentally affect power flow and voltage control.

Finally, the microgrid management and communication systems are presented. In these sections, characteristics of the elements involved in the microgrid control are described, distinguishing between the Microgrid Central Controller (i-Node) and the Local Controllers (i-Sockets), which are connected to the generators, the loads and the storage systems.